A nursing mom with bipolar affective disorder began taking 20 mg of paroxetine at 4 months postpartum as well as was then begun on quetiapine 200 milligrams two times daily at 6 months postpartum. She nursed on a regular basis (extent not stated) as well as no obvious negative impacts were noted in the infant.

A lady that was treated chronically with quetiapine 400 milligrams and fluvoxamine 200 mg everyday took the medicines throughout maternity as well as postpartum. She partially breastfed her infant (extent not specified) for 3 months from birth. No damaging occasions were seen as well as the little one established generally.

Six nursing moms took quetiapine in dosages of 25 to 400 milligrams daily along with an antidepressant (typically paroxetine) for major depression postpartum. Their nursed little ones' advancement were examined at 9 to 18 months of age with the Bayley scales. Sizes were somewhat short on the psychomotor and also mental advancement scale in one infant and on the mental advancement scale in an additional. All various other ratings were within typical limitations. The authors concluded that the low ratings of the 2 little ones were possibly not caused by the medications gotten by the infants in breastmilk.

A baby was born to a mother taking quetiapine 400 mg daily, fluoxetine 40 mg daily as well as oxycodone 20 mg 3 times daily. The little one was nursed 6 to 7 times daily as well as was receiving 120 mcg of dental morphine 3 times daily for opiate withdrawal. Upon examination at 3 months of age, the baby's weight was at the 25th percentile for age, having actually been at the 50th percentile at birth. The authors connected the weight loss to opiate drawback. The baby's Denver developing score amounted to his chronological age.